Frequently asked questions

What is home staging?

Home staging is a marketing tool to visually prepare your property to sell. It gives buyers an image of a home and lifestyle that is appealing to the highest number of potential buyers thereby selling a property quickly for a higher price.

Why cant I just do my own home staging?

Your home is often your most expensive asset, so it is essential that the sale is handled by experts to ensure you get the best sale price in the shortest time frame. We approach the visual effect of your home objectively. We keep up to date with market trends and have the knowledge and experience of what a buyer looks for. Potential buyers make up their mind within the first 4 seconds of walking into your home so there is only one chance to make that first impression - it is imperative you make it count! The cost of home staging is well spent and reflected in higher sale prices.

What does staging include?

The price includes: Consultation, preparation, transportation, styling set up, insurance and removal. It also includes hiring of all items required for your staging.

How long does it take to stage a home?

It generally takes about 6 hours for an average 3 bedroom home. This does not include the initial consultation, preparation or transportation.

Can you do the repairs and garden maintenance required?

Yes, we have a team of property maintenance specialists for all our property and garden repairs and maintenance work.

Why home stage? - Top 5 reasons

1. ONLINE APPEAL - Over 98% of buyers look online when shopping for real estate. Whether they choose to view your home will depend on the photos. How many potential buyer might you be missing by not making your home as visually appealing as possible. 2. CONTROL THE BUYER'S EYE - Professional staging controls the buyer's eye when they view a home. We help showcase the positive features of the home while downplaying any negatives. 3. STAGING CREATES THE 'FEEL' OF THE PROPERTY - Homes that are staged feel fresh and up to date. Because everthing is in the right place, using spaces correctly and on trend, the buyer places more value on the property. 4. HIGHER OFFERS - When a property is presented as its best, offers are usually higher as more value is placed on a professionally staged property. 5. FASTER SALE - Home staging gets buyers emotionally invested in your property. This means your property is likely to sell faster with a higher price.